1. Rafel Delalande A0 screen-printed flash is now available onwww.mauditcailloueditions.com!

    Black waterbased ink on 140gr white paper.
    Edition of 100.
    Signed and hand numbered.
    Printed by 


  2. Upcoming project with Guy Le Tattooer @atelier Deux-Mille/ Toulouse… More news soon…


  3. Five Moths foot switches and clip cords are now available on www.mauditcailloueditions.com 
    Hand made in Spain. (more details on the online shop)


  4. Devil Licker shirt by Liam Sparkes is now available on www.mauditcailloueditions.com


  5. Really proud to work with them! Amazing handmade tattoo supply from Spain! More stuff available online soon…


  6. Five Moths goods are now available onwww.mauditcailloueditions.com !! Tattoo supply will be online soon!


  7. New shirts by Philip Yarnell are now available on www.mauditcailloueditions.com 
    Available in 2 colors (Black/Ash & White/Charcoal). Only 25 of each color!!


  8. In continuation of our publishing activities, we are opening soon in Toulouse/ France a private tattoo studio in which we’ll invite tattoo artists to work on their own tattoo projects as well as projects in collaboration with Maudit Caillou Editions. 
    We will keep you informed of the opening! 
    Spread the word! More news to come.

    Website: www.mauditcailloustudio.com

    Thx a lot Geb for this first visual!
    Check out his work: www.leopoldgeb.com


  9. the online store is open again! here is the new address:

    New things to come next week…See you there…


  10. Scraf and shirts available here:

    La voisin london / Rafel Delalande / Alexandra Groover / Maudit Caillou